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My Story

The person behind the boxes

Hi, I'm Christina! I am a professional botanist & wildlife biologist of over 14 years. For the past decade I have worked in the environmental consulting industry surveying, studying, & reporting on the ecosystems I encounter. My specialties include habitat assessments, rare plant surveys, sensitive wildlife surveys, environmental impact reports, mitigation measures, restoration, nest surveys, biological monitoring, plus many others.

There are too often articles about starving migrating birds, declines in butterfly & bird populations, and bee colony collapses. The decline in wildlife and species diversity is a persistent problem that can only be solved by growing and re-establishing native habitat. Commercial and residential developments frequently landscape with plant species that are not native to the region. This leads to natural wildlife being displaced by non-beneficial plants and trees. Planting native species not only provides the greatest probability of growing thriving plants, but also reduces our footprint on the planet through sheltering, feeding, and providing habitat for our local wildlife.

As a San Diego city resident I have spent the past decade creating native habitat mosaics in my yard.  Our once barren yard now attracts native bird, butterfly, and bee species that are rare to encounter in the city. We have native birds that shelter for the night in our mallow shrubs, use our willows for nesting material, and forage on our herbaceous species. In addition to restoring the yard at my home, I have also assisted designing native gardens for friends & clients throughout California, Maryland, and Florida.

I cannot wait to share my knowledge through my habitat boxes!

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